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The Studio

Cobble Court Interiors, Inc is a full-service interior design firm specializing in both residential and hospitality projects led by founder Robert Rizzo.

Rob's design aesthetic is defined by beautifully balanced timeless spaces that are relaxed and classically tailored.  This combination creates a welcoming environment that stands the test of time, appealing to those who appreciate both tradition and modernity in design.

Project Types for Residential and Hospitality

Our team and suppliers love to create interiors tailored to fit each client's unique requirements, while completing projects on time and on budget.

New Build and Renovating
We are happy to be part your team, collaborating with architects, tradesmen, and landscape designers throughout the design and build process.

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The Design Process
Below are the three steps of the design process.  Your project might fall in one or all .three of the steps.

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Architectural Review: New Construction

An interior designer's involvement at the beginning of a new construction project is important. We work with your architect through each phase of the design process from  schematic design to design development.  Early collaboration is critical to incorporate a space's functionality, furniture placement within it, the lighting design and the development

of budgets.


Exterior Design:
Outside Projects

We collaborate with your landscape architect to create exterior spaces that enhance and complement your interior spaces.  Our team will assist in the selection of outdoor furniture, area rugs, accessories, and more that tie the indoors

to the outdoor.


Interior Design:
Decorating Projects

Our team will work with you to select all the interior elements from hardwood floors to grout colors.  We work with you on selecting interior furnishings such as decorative lighting, upholstery, area rugs, carpets as well as helping to incorporating heirlooms and other

favorite pieces.

and Project Management

Our team will prepare budget spreadsheets for your approval. Throughout the project, we update spreadsheets to ensure you have all the details: from item and construction costs, to the timing of delivery and implementation so that you can track your goods and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you do a few rooms versus a whole house?

  • Yes.  In order to identify what services best suite you and your project, please click below “Schedule Design Consultation” to schedule a free call with our designers.
    We can discuss your project scope, time frame, and your budget.   We are happy to help guide you thru this process!

How much does design service cost?

  • Our pricing is straight forward with no surprises.  We work at your pace and will not spend time or order any products without your approval.    For our design services, we charge an hourly rate that depends on the complexity of the project and the level of resources assigned to your project.  Design Services typically account for 10% of the overall project budget.  Once we meet and discuss your project, we will provide an estimate tailored to your specific project for design services and procurement.    

How long does a typical design project take?​

  • We move at your pace! Full design service can take two to four months for a decorating only project and two to four years for a new build! Once we discuss your project with you, we can create an accurate timeline.

Do you work with clients outside your local area?​

  • Yes, we have completed projects all over the world! We have years of experience designing and procuring products for far away projects! We have completed projects in Colorado, Florida, California, Texas, London, Ireland, Scotland, and St. Kitts.


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